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Since June of 2022, thousands of people have read our Talking Out of School posts about managing change in our quickly changing world, leadership (specifically related to “private”/independent schools, but easily transferrable, so I’m told) and just trying to remember to be a human. And sometimes posts about eldercare. And deep middle age. And once in a while, dogs. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and a rich archive.

All posts go up on Fridays.

I post two essays per month on topics related to leading and managing schools, offering humor, insight and practical advice, usually by me but sometimes by invited guests. These essays are generally a mash-up of op ed and “service journalism” offering practical advice on leadership and management dilemmas.

I also post (roughly) one People Talking interview per month with interesting indy school related folks on a topic I think is either novel or that needs more intentional emphasis in school operations such as brand strategy, the head/CFO relationship, combatting achievement culture, etc.

And I post one month-end digest edition with a short essay, links to all the posts for the month and a link round up of any article, video, etc that has been linked within posts. Basically, it’s one stop shopping for all things Talking Out of School when you want to catch up.

The one Friday exception is that occasional personal essays under Stony Creek Diaries are posted on Tuesdays.

Talking Out of School has plans for growth, including opening up a comment section and threads for subscribers to share their thoughts and ideas, so stay tuned for more developments as we head towards the end of 2023.

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Independent schools are incredibly siloed and many roles have no peers within their schools. The goal is to eventually grow TOOS to be a virtual place for people to connect and share and the more people who join, the more potential it has!

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Julie Faulstich

I write about schools and how to be a human about running one. I also write about navigating life in deep middle age, changing careers, managing elderly parents ...all that stuff. I spent 25 years in private schools, the last seven as head of school.